Automations: New and Improved to Make Workflows Lighter on SmartMatchApp

Key Features

  • It now allows users to create more automated sequenced actions outside of the ordinary, such as automatically sending an email, text, or notification to the clients or its users once an action has been taken.
  • The new and improved Automations now allow more actions, conditions, and added tasks-related triggers that can be used to perform day-to-today tasks, which will make the most out of having the Member Intro feature (if activated on the system).
  • A Trigger Action Map has been created for quicker reference of those in need of creating a new automation.
  • Automation can now be done for a vast variety of actions related to client profile and preference updates, Member Access creation, surveys, contracts, introductions, events, matches, tasks, and profile request updates.

Key Benefits

  • Save time from manually creating robotic and repetitive tasks, allowing agency users to focus more on productive things that can help in running your business more successfully.
  • Prevent having to worry about missing out on important details necessary for completing a task to be done.
  • Automatically do tasks on your behalf.
  • Easy management of workflows.
  • Schedule a series of workflows by delegating delays and get the right timing when to get that action done after a trigger was made, or a condition has been met.



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