Discover how SmartMatchApp web forms can populate your matchmaking database on autopilot

Let’s revisit once again and discover all the wonderful ways to use SmartMatchApp custom web forms to populate your database on autopilot. First of all, you can create an unlimited amount of web forms within your matchmaking CRM, both in Standard and Premium accounts. How can you use the web forms in your matchmaking business? Here are just a couple first tips: you can integrate smart web forms with your beautiful website, or social media accounts, landing or sales pages, newsletters, even texting the forms to your potential clients. Then each web form can be used to automatically create a member profile and / or for the personal screening process. Automating the mundane tasks, and yet providing personal touch then helps you spend your precious time on what matters the most in your business.

Key Features

  • Smart integration for the custom web forms with your website, social media accounts, landing pages, newsletter campaigns, simple text messages and more
  • Totally custom web forms can have any type of fields you want them to have, and design styles can be applied to make your form look any way you want it to look
  • Create notifications for you smart web forms, add auto reply messages, edit the text that appears after successful smart form submission, and secure it all with Captcha
  • Confirm submitted clients to your database with pre screening process, and allow your clients to have access to their own profiles and update their own information
  • Add tags to your clients that fill smart web forms, and automatically add them to your matchmaking member portal so they can match on their own

The setup is very simple. After a person submits a form you can now get an email with a custom notification to your current addition to the database. Adjust auto reply messages for your potential clients after they submit a form, people love the personal attention when you send them a great welcome email. There’s an option for you to add a Captcha to your form as well and secure your database against spammers. And where would we go of course without a good old pre screening matchmaking process? You can review all of your submitted client profiles and accept only those you see fit. If you want, allow your client to have access to their own profiles and update all the information about themselves and what they’re looking for, plus media such as photos and videos and files can be uploaded as well. Tags can be added to clients that submitted your smart web form too, this way you can filter your matchmaking database in just a few clicks and always find the right people. For special clients there’s a member portal feature and they can browse their own matches and do matchmaking by themselves with others in your matchmaking CRM system. What a wonderful world of information technology, and a great way to monetize your database!

Key Benefits

  • Save time with auto population of your matchmaking software CRM, smart web forms will work for you on autopilot and populate the system
  • Easy to set up custom web forms will provide you an opportunity to create your own population environment and adjust all the fields and styles however you like it
  • Priceless smart tools with custom features, control your clients experience after they submit your smart web form, from sending custom messages on submission, to allowing them to access their own profiles with logins, and even letting them match by themselves

Why do all the work manually? Why spend an extraordinary amount of time on your database population? Work smart with custom web forms! People fill out your beautiful forms and your system gets populated. 100 or 100,000 profiles per day without the limits. Smart web forms setup process is super simple and you can adjust your awesome form to function however you want, with fields that matter the most to you, and with the design style that will matter the most for your precious clients. You’re always in charge of the process. And you can make your smart forms perform much more than just population, with client profile access to update information and upload media, and member portal experience to totally let your clients browse their own matches and chat with one another. Get your time back. Forget about old school hard work, enter the golden age of smart information technologies.

Explore about how to Create, Setup and Edit Submission Forms, as well as check one of our training videos on Embedding a From to Your Website and Setting up Custom Notifications

An example of how your smart web form will look like after people click on your custom web form URL

Create your own web form interface with custom fields and make particular fields required for your clients to submit

Every single web form will have its own URL that you can integrate with your social media accounts or newsletter campaigns etc.

Create custom messages for people to receive after they submitted your form, and your clients now can log in to their own profiles and continue on updating information about themselves

Quick peak at the client interface, after creating a password and accepting your terms and conditions, your clients can review their own profiles and update all the information

Smart custom web forms are here for you! Build, integrate, populate, save time, make money. At SmartMatchApp we’re happy to make your professional matchmaking business prosper and provide you with the latest breakthrough solutions on the market. You matter to us, your time is valuable to us, you and us, we’re on this awesome matchmaking boat together. We’re always open for your suggestions and eager to develop new custom features that will service your business from A to Z!

Until next time :)

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