Interactive Self Matching and Member-to-Member Chatting Features, Totally Automated Matchmaking Database CRM and Mighty Membership Management Software

Imagine you don’t have to manually match your clients with one another. Imagine saving tons and loads of time on communication with your clients. Imagine your clients now matching by themselves with your other clients in the smart database, plus they can chat with one another as well. Introducing Member Portal Part Three, the Membership feature is the interactive CRM experience for your members, turning your matchmaking business into a mighty profit making machine with the mighty time saving automation features. Apply brand new hands off business models to your progressive matchmaking business and level up your business with true 21st century smart tools.

Key Features

  • Your member clients can now view their own matching suggestions within their profiles, as well as look at another person profile before taking a step up
  • Clients can click Like or Dislike button for their suggestions and send requests to connect with other people, move these suggestions to matches or disregard them
  • Members can initiate chats with each other and introduce themselves with or without your direct involvement, they can exchange the required data and set up dates by themselves
  • Members can contact your team and your FAQ section for assistance inside the interface of the portal

Member clients can log in whenever it’s comfortable for them and review their matching suggestions, with a relationship success score in percentage, based on the provided information about themselves and what they’re looking for. They can review other profile information with the media files attached. By liking or disliking their suggestions, your clients either send the other party a connection request or disregard their match respectively. Members can use the integrated chatting feature to talk between themselves and conduct important personal or professional business. Your matchmaking team can get involved at any time to offer personal introductions and assistance.

Key Benefits

  • Impress your member clients with interactive profile features that allow them to do self matching and independently communicate with one another anytime they’re logged in
  • Time saving automated business model which requires little to none of your personal involvement and makes stable profit with monthly member subscription plans
  • Upsell your clients with a personal matchmaking service by offering personal introductions and assistance
  • All-in-one system that will serve your clients as great as you personally would, just focus on marketing your business and let the smart system do the rest for you

What an awesome dream this is to allow your clients do their own bidding. Membership feature of the Member Portal provides your clients with an extraordinary opportunity to conduct their own business in their own time at their own pace. Professional looking smart database will impress your clients and make them feel at ease while using the mighty automatic system features. With the ability to self match, your member clients won’t be requiring your direct participation in the process. And with chatting features they can now learn all about one another without your involvement. Marketing is the only item on the list to actively spend time on. Use all that free time you saved with us to network, talk on radio, go big in the news and let people know of your brilliant matchmaking business.

Discover How to Set Up the Membership feature and all of its benefits for your precious clients and your matchmaking business

Clients can can review their suggestion within their own profile screenshot

Clients can read profiles of one another screenshot

Clients can chat with one another screenshot

Totally flexible and automated system, true time saving and profit making machine, Membership feature of the Member Portal is here to assume all of your professional responsibilities. Work smart with automated business models. We support startups and small businesses by providing a pay-per-use fair pricing starting at $2.00 per enrolled client in your portal. And as your client base grows, you’ll pay less and less, as low as $0.75 per client. Time is a true treasure we’ve got in our possession. Let’s spend that treasure on our family and loved ones, and let smart matchmaking software work for you, 21st century outside after all.

Learn more about the General Member Portal Feature and explore the ocean of great opportunities for your matchmaking business

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The #1 Matchmaking Software CRM. Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM.

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