Let’s welcome the Gmail Integration in the SmartMatchApp matchmaking database!

Key Features

  • Smart integration of the Google Workspace email account that allows you to send and receive emails just like you do in a normal email inbox, but just within your SmartMatchApp account.
  • Easily keep track of your email exchanges between you and your clients in just one click and without having to move out of your SmartMatchApp view.
  • While emails are being exchanged directly from the SmartMatchApp system, all your emails are synchronized with your actual Gmail account.

Key Benefits

  • Save time checking your emails (inbox and sent folders) and run your matchmaking workflows all in one system.
  • Easy to set up (and deactivate too) either straight from your Gmail Workspace account or herevia the SmartMatchapp system.
  • Priceless smart tool that syncs your Google Email account over to your SmartMatchApp system, eliminating the need to keep many tabs or browsers on and reducing clutter in your workspace, while allowing you to work effectively and efficiently.



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