Smart Updates of 2020 with Smarter Updates of 2021

Ho ho ho :) Time of magic moments and happy memories is here ;) Our team at SmartMatchApp would love to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Behold we’re truly blessed to have amazing clients like you. This has been a challenging year for all of us, although together, we stood tall and faced the trials of the modern market with unorthodox smart solutions and creative innovative decisions. Let’s take a hot minute now to recapture our marvelous accomplishments this year of 2020 and what’s to come next year of 2021.

What New Features Were Introduced This Amazing Year of 2020

  • Member portal that allows your clients to review their own suggestions and self match, plus you can now create custom recurring monthly subscription plans for your clients
  • Zapier integration that lets you create complex workflows within more than 2,000 most popular apps, connected application will be able to talk with one another and share data
  • Custom reports that can be generated in a matter of minutes, reports are based on the information within your database and will reflect exactly what you’d like to see
  • Twilio integration with ability to call and text from the CRM system, plus you can accept calls and texts directly to the application and keep track of all your communications
  • Automations that make it possible for you to set up a variety of custom triggers and actions, they can even be adjusted to follow a precise order based on timing preferences

What New Features Are Coming Next Awesome Year of 2021

  • Partner program that will let you to make money with us, you’ll have a link to refer a person to us and if they become a client you’ll be receiving 10% of all of their spending
  • PayPal integration that allows you to charge your clients via PayPal, easy solution for you and your clients for fast money transfers with the highest security provided
  • WhatsApp integration that creates new communication lines between you and your clients, a simple application makes a big difference with loaded smart features
  • Video calls that will be possible between your member portal clients, now your connected clients will be able to see one another and have great time seeing each other
  • Event match with an opportunity for your member portal clients to match on the current ongoing event, they’ll be able to discover a perfect fit for them right on your event

Absolutely the golden age of matchmaking has started and what a wonderful adventure awaits our destinies. We’ll travel this journey side by side and achieve many decisive victories on our path. For the future is bright and the sun will always shine on such hardworking clients like you are, or shall we say smart working, because it takes tons and loads of brains after all to reach that sweet point of success. Anyways… Family and friends time is at hand! Jingle bells, Santa Claus beautiful sleigh pulled by gorgeous reindeers is coming our way! Delicious dinner, sincere smiles, fine holidays that unite us are knocking at our doors!

Our dearest clients, you mean the world to us, God bless you and your houses :)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ;)

The #1 Matchmaking Software CRM. Smart Match App is an award-winning matchmaking and membership management software CRM.

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