SmartMatchApp Partners with RealMe For Safer Matchmaking and Networking Experience

Key Features

  • Help promote the security of connecting each and every single client within the community without the need for extravagant processing of background and credentials checking.
  • Safeguard your community members against risks of both fraud and bots, and anything untruthful that may not be visible at its face value.
  • Help matchmakers analyze public information made available by local government offices or undertake thorough criminal background checks.
  • Confirm real identities presented within membership organizations, not just for dating, but for social media and businesses, and other industries alike, and detect identity theft and even violence and committed fraud.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker access to the required data with just a push of a button within your SmartMatchApp system.
  • A cost-efficient way to run background checks on your network of clients for the safety of your community.
  • Subscription and cancellation of background check service can be turned on and off as needed only with no sweat.
  • Updated records and credentials every month for accuracy whilst maintaining strict confidentiality.
  • Helps safeguard every member of your community against fraud, identity theft, and all forms of violence and to maintain an unbiased and legitimate reputation in the industry.



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